Day 1 - French Countryside

Miles and miles of French countryside later, only broken up with a stop at the Hypermarket to buy a BBQ, hideous amounts of sausage, and a sleeping bag, and we arrive..... finally. By now it’s already becoming a tradition that we arrive later than the majority of teams. After setting up the BBQ and the tents, it’s already dark. Bring on the banger’s headlights and amber flashers. Let’s hope the battery holds out!

Eating by candlelight is one thing, but cooking a BBQ by flashlight is something entirely different. Luke and Jules put up a fine culinary experience for the hungry hoards. Meanwhile, I take the scores from the teams. Already the teams are split into those doing it for fun, and those that have come to win. Teams 102 Smack my Beach Up and 122 Dumb, Dumb & Dumber were the first hand in the images, and both had taken a visit to Paris Zoo!

The one thing separating the leaders from the chasing pack was matching the B&T photographed animal. We’d sent out an SMS earlier in the day stating that the animals could be “dead or alive”, and where did we stop off earlier? The Hypermarket, where we found some nice whole fish. Very few teams matched this animal.

The early running shows a three-way tie at the top, Teams 117 That’s how we roll (a two-man team from Liverpool), Team 104 Three Amigos (see this morning’s photos and look for the colourful ponchos) and the much publicised Team 111 Midlife Crisis & “Cuddles”.

Day 1 – Leaderboard

=1 – That’s how we roll – 750 pts
=1 – Three Amigos – 750 pts
=1 – Midlife Crisis – 750 pts
=4 – Striptease III ¼ - 710 pts
=4 – A+ Team – 710 pts
=6 – Smack my Beech Up – 650 pts
=6 – Dumb, Dumb & Dumber – 650 pts
8 – The Doggers – 610 pts
=9 – Dodgy Driver – 570 pts
=9 – Aberdeen Angus – 570 pts

Tomorrow’s challenges don’t get any easier, who will fall away when the going gets tough?

The temperature hadn't dropped below the 20's all day, but by 11pm it was getting REALLY cold. Hmmm, was camping such a good idea?

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