Day 2 - Thawing out!

The temperature dropped to freezing, and most people weren’t ready – including me! In fact, the only person who had a good sleep was Luke. You can tell the experienced camper in the team.

By 6am, most cars were fired up and the heaters were on full blast filled with people desperate to feel their fingers and toes – I was no exception. Camping in the French hills in April, in hindsight maybe not the best of ideas, but I'm sure we'll look back and day!

We rolled out at 8:30, and as soon as we hit the sunshine all of the problems from the previous evening were forgotten. Before we knew it we arrived at the Millau Viaduct – what a structure! Most teams took time-out to stop at the services just before and climb the hill for a better look and photo opportunity.

A shorter day today, with a photo matching challenge as the mail daily task. But as always we were about to liven it up with the SMS challenge :-)

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